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LAB Philosophy​​
Trust and relationship building are the paramount principles in our work with our clients.
Educating patients is essential to providing that highest quality of care. We deliver state-of-the-art solutions through individual evaluations. After a thorough examination, we promise that you will leave feeling rejuvenated, beautiful, and confident about your skin care regimen.

Our Providers



Aesthetic Nurse

Managing Partner


Lisa has been a registered nurse for over 20 years with experience in Medical Aesthetics, Medical and Surgical Intensive Care, and Neuro Intensive Care. She is trained and certified to inject top brand injectables, dermal fillers, Sculptra Aesthetic, Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) injections and KYBELLA. Lisa received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Indiana University,


Lisa is committed to educating her clients while establishing trust to help them achieve their aesthetic goals. Through customized treatments, She will create a plan to make You a more Youthful You! A wife and mother of two. She is also involved in her local community and is passionate about giving back to others.

Our Origins

LAB Technology
We offer some of the most innovative technologies for collagen remodeling and body contouring. Our practice is one of the very few outside of Chicago offering multi-platform, head-to-toe technologies. One of our most popular platforms, InMode - Radio Frequency (RF), features Morpheus8, Evolve, and Evoke.
Morpheus8 (Face & Body) and Evolve can manage not one, but all three concerns when considering body contouring: fat reduction, tightening, and muscle tone. Evoke is a high-demand, hands-free facial treatment utilizing RF technology for lower face and chin tightening. We highly encourage everyone to stop by and check out our services!
Beauty Treatment
Medical Consultation
LAB Consultations
Private consultations are the backbone to successfully managing your expected outcomes. We provide a personalized experience tailored to your specific age, skin type, living environment, and many other factors to give you the perfect treatment plan. We also have a variety of payment options available to suit your individual needs. When discussing concerns, options, and the details of our products and services, we are committed to providing you with the best aesthetics experience.
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